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We’ve been providing water filtration systems to Alpine residents and business owners for over 30 years! Whether you need a water filtration system for your home or business we can help. We offer everything from reverse osmosis systems to salt free whole house water softening systems.

Need a water filtration system or water softener for your Alpine home or business?

Our water filtration systems and water softeners are  manufactured right here in California and designed specifically for the water quality in Alpine. Furthermore, we offer FREE installation, LIFETIME servicing, and a FULL 7 YEAR warranty on all of our water filtration systems and water softeners. Our full service guarantee includes annual visits to your home in Alpine, CA each and every year to test your water to make sure everything’s working efficiently!

Water Softeners & Water Filtration Alpine CA

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking System

Enjoy crystal clear, great tasting purified water right from your kitchen faucet with a 5 Stage reverse osmosis system.
$ 26
  • Zero Money Down
  • FREE Installation
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • Lifetime Servicing

6 Stage Alkaline Drinking Water System

Enjoy great tasting water with a reverse osmosis system that raises pH and adds healthy minerals that your body needs for good health.​
$ 42
  • Zero Money Down
  • FREE Installation
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • Lifetime Servicing

Whole House Water Conditioner + Alkaline

Get our very best Whole House Water Softener plus our very best alkaline drinking water system for one low cost!
$ 68
  • Zero Money Down​
  • FREE Installation​
  • 7 Year Warranty​
  • Lifetime Servicing​
On Sale!

*Monthly payment may vary based on credit approval. Limited time offer.


Annual Water Testing

Rest easy knowing that your system will always be working perfectly with annual water testing free of charge.

Unlimited Service Calls

With unlimited service calls, if you ever have a problem with your system we'll send someone out right away at no cost to you.

Annual Maintenance

Once a year we'll send one of our service technicians out to check on your system to make sure everything is working great.

Need water filtration or a water softener in Alpine, CA? Call 760-317-9741 to get a free in-home consultation!