Whole House Water Filtration System Santa Clarita

Water is for drinking, but it’s also used in appliances, washing, and cleaning. So, when it comes to clean water, having a water filter for drinking is not enough. It is imperative to have a whole house water filtration system and Santa Clarita residents can surely benefit from having pure water on-demand.

A single water filtration system ensures you get clean drinking water, but a whole house water filtration system makes sure that any water that enters your home is safe to use—whether that is for drinking, for cleaning or bathing, or to use with your appliances.

Does your shower water smell funky? Are there stains on your glassware? These are just some signs that your home water supply is contaminated. Learn more about how Puragain Water can provide you with the best whole house water filtration system, so you can enjoy clean water anywhere in your home!

Whole House Water Filtration System

What is a Whole House Water Filter?

Before water comes out of the tap, it comes from natural bodies of water like lakes, rivers, and springs. Naturally occurring water is open to industrial and environmental pollutants, so they undergo water treatment in municipal facilities to remove large sediments and disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

However, even after water treatment, the resulting water will still contain traces of contaminants that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Not to mention, as water travels from filtration facilities to homes, it is prone to additional contamination from rusting or leaking pipes.

This means that when water enters your home, it could carry metals, minerals, and other contaminants which can cause health issues, dry your skin and hair, and cause mineral and scum buildup.

A whole house water filtration system is a completely integrated water purification system directly installed to your main water source. As a point of entry water filter, a whole house water filtration system makes use of several filtration layers to remove sediments and contaminants from your water source—that way, any water that flows into your faucets, showers, and goes into your appliances is clean and safe!

Compared to most water filters, a whole house filtration system takes a bit more time and money to install. But once set up, a whole house water filtration system can ensure you have clean and safe water to drink and use for years with little maintenance!

How Does Whole House Water Filtration Work?

A whole house water filtration system has at least three layers of filtration, and then, depending on the customization, it can include additional filters such as water softener systems or alkaline water systems.

Pre-Filter Stage

The first step is a sediment filter, which takes out physical contaminants from the water. This stage removes particles and sediments which can harm pipes and appliances and cause clogging.

For the best results, pre-filters should be replaced every two to three months or as advised by your water filter system provider.

Activated Carbon Stage

After sediments are removed from the water, the next layer of filtration removes contaminants that cannot be seen.

This stage of filtration makes use of two layers of activated carbon filters. Activated carbon attracts chemicals like chlorine and chloramine, and absorbs them, effectively taking them out of the water.

The first activated carbon filter gets rid of the noticeable chlorine taste or sulfur odor from the water. The second activated carbon filter eliminates any remaining traces of the foul odor and taste which eluded the first filter to produce even better tasting and smelling water.

Post-Filter Stage

After the water becomes tasteless and odorless, it’s time to remove the hardness. This filtration stage is also known as a water softening stage.

The water passes through a Filtersorb media which transforms minerals like calcium and magnesium into nanocrystals through a Nucleation Assisted Crystallization (NAC) process. This effectively changes the properties of the minerals so that they no longer cling to pipes and other surfaces, forming mineral and scum buildup.

Benefits of Whole House Water Filters

A whole house water filtration system does most of what other water filters do. As an integrated water solution, a whole house water filter removes toxins and any harmful contaminants in water that will have harmful effects on health, as well as your home.

Drinking contaminated water can cause gastrointestinal problems, nervous system, and reproductive issues, and even lead to chronic diseases like cancer. Meanwhile, using contaminated water to bathe in can irritate skin and hair, which can exacerbate eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, and hair fall.

And if those are not enough, contaminated water can form mineral buildup on pipes, tiles, and appliances, which can make plumbing repairs and home maintenance more frequent.

A whole-house system with a drinking water system and water softening system integrated, removes most hazardous substances so that you can have healthy drinking water and have soft water to bathe and wash with, which will leave you with softer skin, healthier hair, and a cleaner home.

Improve Water Quality At Home

Improve your tap water by getting the best whole house water filtration system. 

If you notice a smell or taste from your water and there are stains in your sinks and pipes, your water supply is likely contaminated, and you’d benefit greatly from a high-quality whole house water filter that will improve the water quality in your Santa Clarita home.

Puragain Water has been serving Santa Clarita, CA homeowners for almost 30 years, providing them customized solutions and customer service to make them receive the highest quality water every family deserves.

Talk to one of our water experts to learn more about how our water filtration systems and exceptional service can transform your home water supply to improve your health and be friendlier to your home or reach out to get free estimates. Contact us at Puragain Water today!

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