Alkaline water systems in California ensure that you constantly have a supply of high-quality drinking water. An alkaline filter ensures that your water is clean and free of contaminants.

It also turns your normal tap water into mineral-enriched alkaline water and holds filtered water in a storage tank.

What Is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water has a higher pH level than usual. Most water has a pH level of 7, which is neutral. The pH scale runs from 1, which is very acidic, to 14, which is very alkaline.

Alkaline drinking water usually averages around 9.5 on the pH scale and contains alkaline minerals. It also has negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP), which means that the water is able to act as a pro- or antioxidant.

Alkaline water is created naturally in springs when it washes over rocks and picks up a range of minerals that alter its pH level. However, modern technology allows us to create alkaline water using a machine that splits water molecules.

True alkaline water doesn’t just have a higher pH. The best alkaline water should also contain important minerals like calcium and magnesium because those are key to imparting any potential health benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Alkaline Water?

Many people choose to drink alkaline water for the potential benefits it brings. There is a range of scientific studies suggesting that it can have a positive effect on overall health.

The antioxidants in the water and minerals like magnesium are thought to have a positive effect on the human body.

It is especially effective in certain conditions. For example, water with a pH of 8.8 has been found to treat acid reflux. The high pH level kills the enzyme pepsin, which is one of the main causes of acid reflux.

Other studies have found that consuming alkaline water might be beneficial for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. 

Bottled alkaline water can be expensive, and it adds up fast, so why not install a sink water filter or an alkaline water filter system instead of buying it from the store? Alkaline water filters are convenient and can provide you with all the clean, healthy water you could want.

How Do Alkaline Water Systems Work?

An alkaline water filtration system turns your tap water into alkaline water. Normally, they purify water first and then add minerals to raise the pH of the water. Our system even comes with a reverse osmosis (RO) water filter.

Our 6-stage alkaline drinking system first filters water through 5-stage true reverse osmosis purification. Next, the filtered water goes through an alkaline water machine to add back important minerals.

The RO water system filters out sediment then runs the water through two carbon filters designed to remove bad tastes and smells, including that of chlorine.

It then passes through the RO membrane, which filters out any dissolved materials, including harmful contaminants like lead. The last step is a polishing filter, which uses active carbon to keep the water clear and fresh.

The sixth step is unique to the alkaline system.  The reverse osmosis water goes through a mineral cartridge that enriches water with beneficial microelements.

The water ionizer is a vital step in any alkaline system because it adds these important minerals back into the water. The end result is well-balanced remineralized water that produces calcium and magnesium ions.

Quality alkaline water is created using an ionizer. This active mineral technology adds desirable minerals back into your water, but in this form, it won’t be able to create scales in your pipes or appliances.

A faucet filter gives you immediate access to alkaline water to use in your daily life, from cooking to washing the dishes.

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Installation Process of Alkaline Water Filter?

When you order an alkaline water system through Puragain Water, we’ll install it professionally in your home. One of our experts will go through the process and make sure everything is set up properly, checking the water pressure and ensuring there are no leaks.

Your new alkaline water filter system will come with a water tank to hold your water supply. The tank ensures a steady water flow from your new faucet. It’s common practice to drain the first tank of water after it fills up, in order to flush the filter.

The sink water filter includes a fast flow faucet to make sure you have a steady, convenient flow of water. The quick-connect tubing system allows for easy future maintenance. All of our systems come with free lifetime servicing—including water testing, maintenance, service calls, and more.

Once your new alkaline water filtration system is installed, you can start enjoying purified alkaline water. You’ll receive a filter housing wrench that corresponds to your filtration system, and it allows you to open up your system and replace the filter or perform other updates.

Maintaining Your Alkaline Water System

Alkaline water machines require some basic maintenance, but fortunately, Puragain Water provides lifetime servicing to anyone who purchases a filtration system. These services cover maintenance, testing, and service calls.

Filters are the main concern for maintaining an alkaline water system. They should be changed anywhere from every six months to every year.

Whenever you replace a filter or have it replaced by a professional, make sure to check for leaks afterward. It’s necessary to disconnect the tubing during the replacement process, and sometimes they aren’t reconnected correctly.

A little careful maintenance goes a long way for an alkaline filter. Replacing the filters and reverse osmosis membrane on a regular basis will keep it functioning well for years.

If you’re ready to improve the quality of your water and get fresh, pure water straight from the sink, set up a consultation with us. Contact us at Puragain Water today.