With its peaceful and calm neighborhood as well as numerous parks and tourist attractions, Anaheim is one of the most family-friendly cities in California.

For families with kids, Anaheim, CA has Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm with plenty of rides and attractions and for those who are more inclined to spend time in nature, there are beaches such as Huntington Beach and Newport Beach, as well as nature parks such as Yorba Regional Park and Modjeska Park to choose from.

As one of the most family-friendly cities, Anaheim is home to fun activities that can be enjoyed with or without kids. Whether your family has children or not, Anaheim is a safe and secure neighborhood with many residential properties to choose from.

With residential properties present in the city, comes the concern over water quality. Just because tap water looks clear, does not mean it’s safe for your home.

Learn more about how to make water safe for your entire home and appliances with the best whole house water filtration system in Anaheim!

What is a Whole House Water Filter?

Water that flows into our homes comes from water plants and goes through treatment, which removes contaminants that are clearly visible in the water. This makes sure that the tap water we get in our homes is clean enough to not cause diseases when used.

However, just because tap water won’t cause diseases, it does not mean water is completely free of contaminants. In fact, plenty of water contaminants cannot be seen by the naked eye and still remain in the tap water we get at home.

Our tap water can carry metals, minerals, and other contaminants which may not pose an immediate threat to health but may cause harm over time. For instance, repeated exposure to water containing high levels of metals and minerals may cause health issues, dry your skin and hair, and cause mineral and scum buildup on your pipes and appliances—leading to premature breakdown and repairs.

Whole house water filtration systems installed in your main water source aim to remove sediments and contaminants remaining in your tap water. This helps guarantee that all tap water that flows into your home is safe and clean which you can use on your bodies, home, and appliances.

How Does Whole House Water Filtration Work?

A whole house water filtration system has at least three layers of filtration, and then, depending on the customization, it can include additional filters such as water softener systems or alkaline water systems.

Pre-Filter Stage

The first filtration removes sediments and all other physical contaminants from the water, which can harm pipes and appliances that may cause clogging.

Activated Carbon Stage

After sediments are removed from the water, the next filter removes chemicals like chlorine and chloramine, which water plants use to treat water.

This filter uses two layers of activated carbon to get rid of noticeable chlorine taste and sulfur smell as well as any remaining traces of bad taste and foul odor to leave water tasteless and odorless.

Post-Filter Stage

The last filter focuses on softening water to ensure that it won’t leave behind scale especially when water is heated in appliances.

Using a Filtersorb media, the filter transforms minerals like calcium and magnesium into stable nanocrystals that don’t solidify and cling to pipes and other surfaces, making water safe for home use.

Improve Water Quality in Your Anaheim Home

Having your home in Anaheim is a great choice for families! And one of the best ways to take care of your home is by ensuring your water quality is clean and safe for home use. Installing a reliable whole-house water filtration system, Anaheim residents like yourself can trust.

Whether there remain some contaminants in your water, or if your tap produces hard water, Puragain Water has got you covered! We are a 5-star-rated water filtration company, that offers the best water filtration systems and excellent customer service.

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