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Reverse Osmosis: What It Is and Isn’t?

reverse osmosis

When it comes to home water filtration, reverse osmosis systems are often some of the more popular choices because of their effectiveness in improving overall purified water quality and taste.

While a reverse osmosis system is great at removing certain impurities, there are a few limitations that it does have. Let’s explore what a reverse osmosis water filtration system is, how it works, and what it can and can’t do.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is the name of the filter system that utilizes osmotic force to purify and clean water. These systems often include a filter membrane technology that only really tiny water molecules can get through.

This entire system is designed to ensure that the purified water quality is smoother, cleaner, and contains fewer overall toxins in the final product.

Myths and Misconceptions About Reverse Osmosis

While a reverse osmosis system is an effective method of removing particles bigger than that of a water molecule, that does not mean that it can remove those smaller impurities from water.

There are many molecules that are smaller than water which means that it cannot completely remove everything. Some of these substances include fungicides, pesticides, and even gasses like hydrogen sulfide.

Even though these substances are still able to pass through and into the water, the water itself is still of a much safer and healthier quality than that regular tap water.

Tap water does not have a filter and often has all these substances floating around, including others that are more harmful, which makes dangerous drinking water.

While it is a myth and common misconception that reverse osmosis systems are able to 100% remove everything from the water, it is no doubt that they still do an absolutely fantastic job of cleaning as much as possible from the water.

Choose the Right Water Filtration Method for Your Home

On the market, there are numerous varieties of water filtering systems. Simply put, picking one is a choice you must make.

Getting help from a seasoned business like Puragain Water will give you the knowledge and resources required to implement your own water filter system in your home. Choosing one is a straightforward question of intention.

Different types of filters use different means and even have different-tasting water. For example, alkaline water systems provide a higher pH level and are generally as effective, if not more than, as a reverse osmosis system.

There are various benefits and drawbacks to each system so deciding on the perfect one for your home is a good research topic that requires patience and information gathering.

Installing Your Very Own Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

If you have decided on installing a reverse osmosis water system, you have taken the first step toward a healthier and more prosperous life. Whether you choose this filter or another, we are always ready to assist you with all your information and installation needs.

With a talented team of water filtration experts, Puragain Water provides an industry-leading service that caters to many different needs and has helped hundreds of homes switch to a cleaner and healthier water solution.

Make a life-changing decision by choosing trusted water filtration services, contact us at 855-40-WATER at Puragain Water today!