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Breathe easy knowing that you will never have to pay for any servicing, maintenance, or water testing. All of our systems come with LIFETIME servicing which includes annual water testing, annual maintenance, and unlimited service calls to make sure your system is always working perfectly!

Annual Water Testing

There is a lot more to water filtration than just purchasing a system. Water quality is constantly changing which is why it is so important to test your water every year and make adjustments to your system accordingly. This is why, included with every system, we provide annual water testing in order to determine what the quality of your water is and adjust the filters or membranes to make sure your filtration system is optimized for your specific water quality at the time of inspection.

Annual Maintenance

Keeping your system running perfectly is our number one priority which is why every year we’ll come out to your home and check out everything from your connections, to your water pressure. Not sure if your system is ready for filter changes? No problem, we’ll check that too! If your system requires any maintenance or servicing, we’ll take care of it all, at no cost to you!

Unlimited Service Calls

With any home appliance, there will eventually be a time where something goes wrong or needs to be repaired. Water filtration systems are no different. The difference is in the fact that with Puragain Water you never have to pay for servicing. That’s right, any time you’re having a problem with your system or something isn’t functioning properly all you need to do is pick up a phone and give us a call. We’ll have one of our expert technicians out to your home right away to take care of everything for you. No worries, no hassles. That’s piece of mind you can count on!

Need Servicing? Call us now at 760-317-9741 to schedule an appointment!