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House Water Filtration Vs. Drinking Water Filtration: What’s the Difference

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When looking to purchase a whole house water filtration system, it is always great to understand the difference between the different types of water filtration systems.

The two that we will be exploring today are the house water filtration system and the drinking water filtration system.

What is Filtration?

Tap water is not healthy. Filtration is a process by which sever different systems can be used. The goal of these systems is to filter out any impurities and harmful contaminants to leave you with overall clean tap water.

There are many different health benefits that come with clean purified water, and besides these benefits, the water just tastes better. Any home can greatly benefit from the simple addition of a water filtration system.

The Difference Between Drinking Water Filtration and House Water Filtration

The difference between the two lies in the system and the filtration process itself. A drinking water filter utilizes a multistage system that purifies the water. This means that the water goes through multiple different systems before the purified water comes out cleaner on the other side.

A house water filter lowers the overall contaminants from water by using a sediment pre-filter. A whole house water system is connected directly to your main water line to lessen contaminants in the water throughout the home—whereas a drinking water filtration system is only attached to countertop and under-sink systems.

A Closer Look at Drinking Water Filtration Systems

When it comes to this form of house water filter system, which is directly attached to the faucet, the most common method that we see present in many homes.

The aim of this system is to allow the homeowner and residents to viably drink clean water straight from the kitchen sink. This is done through the removal of contaminants and impurities in the water.

This is an effective means of water filtration that has the ability to improve water taste, water quality, texture, and consistency whilst also making it a form of safe drinking water.

Closer Look at House Water Filtration Systems

As mentioned before, this type of water filter is connected directly to your main water source and provides clean water throughout the house. This system is great at preventing sediment, silt, and rust from entering the water.

The water flows through many different stages such as the mineral stone and copper-zinc filter to purge it of contaminants and make it safer for use.

Finally, it goes through an activated carbon filter which rids the water of harmful chemicals and potential contaminants that may linger behind such as copper to provide a higher water quality.

Which Filtration System is Right for You?

The difference between the two methods of purification is in their overall function as a system. A house water system is often more expensive and difficult to remove once it has been installed. This is for the water that flows throughout the entire house.

A drinking water system is for a specific faucet, the downside to this is that if clean and purified water is needed through multiple areas, the costs will increase for each one. Deciding on the right system for you is found in the need that is present within the house.

If clean water is needed throughout the entire home, the best option is the house water filtration system. If it is simply one faucet that could benefit from the filter, a drinking water filtration system would be the best choice.

The Professional Assistance that Your Water Deserves

Whatever the need and whatever the decision, we are always ready to assist you. With industry-leading service and products, Puragain Water has assisted hundreds of homes in transitioning to cleaner and safer water for their families.

A simple change to healthy water can truly make the world of a difference and receiving assistance from a company like ours is what your water needs most.

Get in touch with the expert team and learn more about the wide range of home water filtration systems that are designed to keep you safe and healthy. Contact us at 855-40-WATER at Puragain Water today!