As the second largest city with the biggest population in Orange county, Anaheim, CA is a city teeming with families who enjoy the city’s famous theme parks, nature reserves, and sports stadiums.

In Anaheim, people can enjoy Disney Resort’s theme parks and the Anaheim Convention Center’s exhibits. There are also beautiful natural landscapes in Oak Canyon Nature Center, Weir Canyon Nature Reserve, and the Anaheim Wetlands.

For sports fans, Anaheim also has the Angel Stadium and the Honda Center where one can watch the Los Angeles Angels baseball team and the Anaheim Ducks ice hockey club play.

Enjoy the beautiful attractions in Anaheim by always keeping your family safe and healthy. Trust only the cleanest and healthiest drinking water for your family with the most reliable home water filtration Anaheim offers!

What is a Water Filtration System?

A water filtration system is a mechanism designed to remove all sorts of contaminants, debris, and particles found in water so that it is safe to consume or use at home.

There are so many types of water filtration systems available these days—each designed to target varying water needs—whether that means simply removing odor or having to remove chlorine, metals, and high traces of minerals from the water.

Choosing the right water purification services for you and your family depends on water quality and usage.

Learn about why you need water filtration systems, available types, and how they work.

Why Do You Need Water Filtration Systems?

Water that looks clear isn’t always safe. When tap water has an odor and some discoloration, those indicate some form of contamination.

To safely use tap water from our faucets, having a water filtration system installed in our homes removes contaminants, so water is safer to use. Learn more about some common types of water filtration systems to help decide which water solution can improve the water quality in your Anaheim home.

Reverse Osmosis System

A reverse osmosis system is a type of water filter with five stages of filtration. It removes almost all particles in water, making it the perfect choice for people who have sickness or sensitivities.

A reverse osmosis system puts water through a pre-filter to remove dirt, sediments, and fine particles from the water. Then it uses two layers of carbon pre-filters to remove any undesirable taste and smell from the water.

Next, water goes through a reverse osmosis membrane to remove metals and chemicals. Then, lastly, it flows through a post-carbon filter for final polishing, so you get crystal clear, healthy water when it reaches you.

6 Stage Alkaline System

After the five stages of filtration, water is at its cleanest, but may not be the healthiest without any remaining minerals and nutrients.

As such, a six-stage alkaline system reintroduces low levels of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which help reduce acid reflux and fight oxidation, after reverse osmosis. This filtration system is best for people of normal health.

Whole House System

While the previously mentioned filters focus on making water healthy for drinking, a whole house system or house water filtration system ensures that water is safe for your entire home.

Depending on your location and water source, water may be considered hard—containing high levels of minerals that crystallize and leave scale buildup on your pipes, tiles, and appliances. This can clog up water appliances, causing premature breakdown.

Installing a whole house filtration system directly to a home’s water source can remove up to 99% of contaminants from water. Moreover, it uses a Filtersorb media that converts minerals into stable nanocrystals that don’t adhere to metals so you won’t have to worry about hard water leaving behind mineral deposits.

Get High-Quality Water Purification Services in Anaheim

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