Whole House Water Filtration System Long Beach

We need clean water not only for drinking, but also for washing, cleaning, and many more. But with the prevalence of pollution these days, it’s become virtually impossible to have clean tap water flowing into our homes. That’s why you’ll need an excellent whole house water filtration system Long Beach has to offer.

Even after undergoing treatment, the water in our taps contains chemicals and metals which not only harm our health but also slowly damage our skin and hair, our homes, furniture, and appliances.

Mitigate this issue in Long Beach by installing a whole house water filtration system.

Check out Puragain Water’s water filtration services today to learn more about how you can get the best whole house water filtration system Long Beach has to offer.

Whole House Water Filtration System

What is a Whole House Water Filtration System?

All water sources have some level of pollution today, and all tap water is contaminated. In small doses, water contamination will not cause immediate harm, however, exposure to contaminated water can have long-term repercussions, for one’s health and one’s home.

For clean drinking water, one can rely on drinking water systems that use carbon filters to remove all contaminants from the tap water. However, these drinking water filters do not clean all water in your home.

Contaminated water in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry will also cause harm. Bathing in contaminated water can irritate our skin and dry our hair.

Washing with contaminated water can result in a soap build-up and funky smell. Laundering with contaminated water can fade clothes more quickly. Lastly, contaminated water can erode or clog up appliances and pipes.

A whole house filtration system is a type of water filtration system that is installed to the main water source of a home rather than one pipe or faucet. Unlike drinking water filters, it is a completely integrated water purification system that takes some work to install. But once it’s up, it ensures that all water flowing from one’s water line into the home is clean, free of contaminants, and safe to use.

Most whole house filtration systems are fitted into homes where water in the area is badly contaminated. To completely remove all metals, chemicals, and pests, the filtration system utilizes a 6-stage alkaline system to remove all contaminants and prevent scale, so it is safe and healthy for everyone to use.

To fully rid your water of any harmful contaminants, a typical house filtration system includes three filtration stages that remove particles from the water, pre-filter stage, activated carbon stage, and post-filter stage. 

Pre-Filter Stage

The pre-filter stage is the sediment filtration stage where big particles are removed from the water. Such particles are often sediments, silt, and other suspended matter.

The pre-filtration stage is important to protect your pipes and appliances from big particles which can clog and damage equipment.

To make sure a pre-filter is functioning properly, follow the instructions that come with your house filtration system. Usually, pre-filters need to be replaced every two to three months.

Activated Carbon Stage

Besides particles, there are compounds that contaminate water, like chlorine and chloramines. To remove these from water, water filters use granular activated carbon (GAC), which is proven to remove chemicals from water. The GAC attracts chemicals and absorbs them so that the water is cleansed.

Most water filters have two carbon filters.  The first one removes evident chlorine taste or sulfur smell from the water, while the second carbon filter cleans the water for an even better taste and smell.

On average, a carbon filter may last anywhere from two to twelve months from the moment it is first used. Follow the instructions of your chosen water filter to get the best results.

Post-Filter Stage

The post-filter is a reverse osmosis membrane filter that rids the water of very small elements that previous filtration stages failed to remove.

This stage removes contaminants like lead, copper, and other harmful elements from the water to ensure it is completely free of sediments and any impurities. For best results, we recommend changing your post-filter every six to 12 months.

Why Get a House Water Filtration System?

Every household has a unique situation that may require a particular type of water filter. For households that are located in polluted areas or have water with a high level of contamination, a house water filtration system will be helpful in cleaning not only their drinking water but also the water they use for washing, cleaning, and in other home use.

With a house water filtration system, one is not only ensured clean and the best tasting drinking water, but they also prevent scaling and build up in their pipes, discoloration and early degradation of their tiles and glass, and clogging and breakdown of appliances.

Having clean water also ensures that one will not have any skin irritation which can exacerbate disorders like eczema, psoriasis, and the like. Additionally, clean water won’t dry hair and cause build-up, which can lead to breakage and hair fall.

Clean the Tap Water in Your Home

If you live in Long Beach and have hard or contaminated water, save your family and your appliances by installing a house water filtration system.

At Puragain Water, we offer the highest quality whole home water filtration systems and services in Long Beach to ensure you receive only the best water your family deserves.

Whether you’re looking for a whole house water softener system, alkaline water system, or a reverse osmosis system, Puragain Water has the water filtration solution that you need!

To schedule an installation of any one of our water filters, or consult our knowledgeable water experts to help you choose the best whole house water filtration system Long Beach has to offer, contact us at Puragain Water today!

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