Water Filtration Services Santa Clarita

Municipal water treatment systems remove most contaminants from the water and add chlorine and chloramine to help keep the water bacteria-free before sending it to homes. But even after treatment, water still has to go through pipes before reaching our homes. That journey exposes water to contamination from rusting pipes and leaky pipes. Water filtration services Santa Clarita homeowners can rely on are the key to getting pure water.

This is why tap water, though looking relatively clear and odorless, still has some chemicals and contaminants—chlorine and chloramine, metals, and minerals. Having such contaminants doesn’t make tap water good to drink.

As such, many homeowners install water filtration systems in their homes to help ensure they are getting the cleanest and healthiest drinking water.

Water Filtration Services

What is a  Water Filtration System?

A water filtration system is a series of filtration stages that take away particles and sediments, chemicals like chlorine and chloramine, and metals and minerals. These contaminants can have various negative health impacts and should be removed from tap water before it’s safe to drink.

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Benefits of Water Filtration Services

Just because water is seemingly clean doesn’t make it safe to drink! Tap water contains chlorine, chloramine, metals, and minerals which can cause gastrointestinal issues, nausea, and can exacerbate chronic disorders like asthma, psoriasis, eczema, food allergies, etc.

A good water filter helps eliminate these contaminants to make sure you are getting the cleanest, best-tasting, and healthiest water you can find in Santa Clarita.

Learn more about how a water filtration system can transform your water quality and improve your health and lifestyle!

Odorless and Tasteless Drinking Water

When the water reaches our tap, it can still have some odor and taste. It can have a metallic or a dirt taste to it. It can also smell earthy or sulfuric, depending on your location’s water quality. These are indicators that though tap water is relatively clean and safe, it still carries contaminants.

Having a water filtration system ensures your water is free of the contaminants in tap water, so you can have the most enjoyable drinking experience.

Additionally, odorless and tasteless water will ensure cooking your dishes won’t have any funky flavor or smell to it.

Reduced Plastic Use

Every year, over 2 million plastic water bottles are not recycled and end up in landfills in the USA alone. Stop contributing to this waste problem by having a water filtration system at home.

Having your own water filter gives you great-tasting and healthy drinking water at your own disposal. You can continuously refill reusable bottles with drinking water so you no longer need to buy bottled water to drink!

Boost Skin and Hair Health

Hydration is vital to maintaining a good complexion and healthy hair. With a water filter, you’ll have a convenient source of drinking water in the comfort of your own home.

Without having to buy bottled water and with water filters making tap water great-tasting and free of chlorine and chloramine, you can easily hydrate—improving one’s skin and hair health.

Additionally, fitting a water filter to your shower can ensure you have contaminant-free water that will not dry your skin or leave soap scum on your hair!

Safer Drinking Water

You never know what tap water contains. Water treatment facilities add chlorine, chloramine, and other chemicals to the water to help keep it bacteria-free and virus-free until it reaches our homes. But this doesn’t protect water from contamination during transportation and the treatment chemicals themselves don’t make tap water safe to drink.

If you’re unsure of your home water quality, installing a water osmosis system guarantees you get clean water free of chlorine, chloramine, and other chemicals.

And if you suspect you have hard water in your location, then get a water filtration system with a water softener to prevent water from leaving behind mineral buildup which is irritating to your skin and hair, and damaging to pipes and appliances.

Low Maintenance

One of the benefits of having a good water filtration system from a reputable company is having exceptional customer service.

From receiving customized solutions and installation services to having a quick response to maintenance concerns, a good water filtration service in your area guarantees an efficient water filtration system which can save you a lot of hassle and ensure you need little maintenance to keep your water filtration system up and running optimally.

Puragain Water Filtration Services

Why do it yourself when you can have water filtration services from a reputable company like Puragain Water?

Installing a water filter system in your Santa Clarita home has never been easier with Puragain Water’s customized solutions and excellent service.

For almost 30 years, Puragain Water has helped homeowners across CA have the highest quality water through our high-quality water filtration systems, which include free water filtration treatments to guarantee that your filters are in good working order for as long as possible.

Learn more about how our water treatment systems can transform your home water quality to keep you and your family safe and healthy. Contact us at Puragain Water today!

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