Water Filtration Services Long Beach

Just because tap water is colorless and odorless, does not mean it is clean and safe to drink. The water that flows into our taps still contains plenty of pollutants despite undergoing water treatment. Proven water filtration services, Long Beach residents can count on is what you need.

Some of the most common contaminants found in tap water include lead, mercury, chlorine and chloramines, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), herbicides, and pesticides.

Consuming these substances through our drinking water can cause serious health repercussions, from diarrhea and nausea to vomiting and even death. If that’s not bad enough, having contaminated water in our homes can also negatively affect our skin, hair, and home fixtures, clothes, food, and kitchenware.

If you’re based in Long Beach, don’t endure contaminated water. Get the clean and healthy water your family deserves with Puragain Water’s expert water filtration systems.

Speak to one of our water purification system specialists to learn more about how we can improve your water quality today.

Water Filtration Services Long Beach

How Does Water Filtration Work?

The tap water we get in our homes goes through a long water treatment process. Water from natural sources like rivers, seas, and streams, flow towards water treatment facilities through underground pipes.

When the water arrives at the water treatment facility, it contains dirt, sediment, pollutants, chemicals, and all sorts of contaminants that make the water murky, smelly, and unsafe to use.

In the water treatment facility, this unclean water undergoes several filtration processes so that it becomes better water before it flows into underground pipes and into our water tanks and faucets for everyday use.

Though water treatment facilities work very hard to ensure that the water they deliver to us is clean and safe to use, the long journey that water travels from water treatment facilities to our faucets easily compromises water quality.

When pipes are old and there’s pollution in the area where water flows, there’s a huge chance that the water coming out of our faucets contains contaminants which will cause us harm. For this reason, home water filtration systems do the final work of cleaning our tap water so that it becomes safe to use in our homes and safe and enjoyable to drink for optimal health.

Benefits of a House Water Filtration System

Even after going through water treatment systems in treatment facilities, our tap water is still not safe to use.

Learn more about the benefits of having a house water filtration system to understand why home water filters come highly recommended.

Remove All Contaminants

A house water filter removes all remaining contaminants left in your tap water. Though water treatment facilities do most of the work, there will still be contaminants left in the water that need to be taken out.

If your tap water has a funky taste or smell, you likely have contaminated water. A water filter in your home will get rid of these through at least three steps of filtration so that you get clean, odorless, tasteless water that is safe for everyone to drink.

Provide Sustainable Potable Water

Over 42 billion 1-liter bottles of water are sold annually in America, and only less than half of that is being recycled. This makes plastic bottles one of the leading sources of pollution in our environment today.

By having a water filter at home, you eliminate the need to purchase bottled water for you and your family, which can lessen the number of water bottles being thrown away each year.

Boost Skin and Hair Health

One of the best ways to improve your skin and hair is to hydrate. With a water filter at home, you have more than enough clean drinking water at your disposal to help you obtain healthier skin and hair.

Not to mention, an entire home water filtration system will help remove chemicals like chlorine and chloramines, which cause dryness and irritation, from your shower and bathwater.

This allows your skin to produce natural oils and maintain moisture better.

Prolong Life of Clothes, Kitchenware, and Home Fixtures

Contaminated water can leave deposits in clothes, pipes, tiles, glass, and appliances. Such deposits will lead to discoloration and buildup which are unsightly and damaging to your house items. Additionally, they can also cause skin rashes and allergies.

Through the use of water filters, you can have clean water at home and not have to worry about scum or scaling. In the long run, having a steady source of clean water for home use will save you money in health fees, as well as repairs and replacements of clothes, appliances, and other home items.

Get the Water Your Home Deserves with Puragain Water

Don’t risk your family’s health with contaminated water. Install a house water treatment system and get the clean and healthy water you deserve.

For over 30 years, Puragain has been improving the water quality in Los Angeles and Southern California homes. We offer a variety of water filters from drinking water systems to whole house water filters.

Speak to any one of our water service techs to learn in greater detail how you can improve your water system in your Long Beach home. Contact us at Puragain Water today!

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