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San Diego City Council approves turning sewage into drinking water.

This past Tuesday the city council has officially voted to move forward with the high-pressure pipeline that will move sewage from the Moreno neighborhood to a treatment facility in Miramar.

The pipeline that the city has proposed to begin construction on by 2019 will run through some of the busiest intersections in Universal City and Clairemont.

Many local residents are against the proposed pipeline raised concerns of sewage leakage, foul smells and decreased home values due to the sewage that will be traveling through their neighborhoods.

San Diego Water Softeners & Filtration SystemsThe council meeting Tuesday sparked a whirlwind of comments both in favor and in opposition of the plan. Many people on the opposition side stated, although they were in favor of the water purification plan they voiced concerns that the pipes could potentially break or leak causing sewage to spew out among their community.

Keli Balo, the project manager stated, “Our analysis concludes most of the potential environmental impacts can be mitigated below a level of significance.”

Although it is unsure whether or not this program will prove to be successful over the next several year, we highly encourage residents in the San Diego are to have their tap water tested to make sure that their drinking water is safe to consume. It is also advised that homeowners install their own reverse osmosis system in their home, which will ensure that the water they’re drinking will be cleaned of all contaminants.

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