Salt-Free Water Softener System Santa Clarita

Anyone who uses hard water knows the difficulties that come with hard water. The odd odor and the residue it leaves behind on your skin, hair, and clothes are bound to make you seek a salt-free water softener system. 

Typically, people get water softeners, and regularly load up on salts and flush away gallons of water just to get soft water. But with plenty of water filtration systems available today, it’s easy to find salt-free water softener systems that reduce water hardness while saving on salts and water.

Learn more about water softeners and get yourself the best salt-free water softener system Santa Clarita has to offer with Puragain Water!

Salt-Free Water Softener System Santa Clarita

What Is a Salt-Free Water Softener System and How Does It Work?

Conventional water softeners use salts to initiate the exchange of mineral ions for sodium ions when softening hard water. These mechanisms rely on brine water to regularly recharge resin beads, so they can attract and trap mineral ions when in contact with hard water.

Though this method is effective in softening water, it requires a back flush to get rid of the accumulated mineral ions in the media tank. And this process flushes out waste alongside gallons of water on a weekly basis.

To avoid such water wastage, a salt-free water softening system, also known as reverse osmosis system or water conditioning system, is an alternative water filtration system used to alter your water supply.

Instead of taking out mineral ions from the water, salt-free water conditioners crystallize the magnesium and calcium salts that are in hard water through a template-assisted crystallization (TAC) process.

The resulting micro-crystals, unlike mineral ions, flow with the water and don’t cause mineral build-up on pipes and water heaters.

Unlike salt-based water softeners, a salt-free soft water conditioner does not remove minerals from the water. Instead, it changes the physical properties of the water, making it impossible for scale to form.

What are the Benefits of Salt-Free Water Softeners?

A salt-free water softener conditions or neutralizes the properties of water that make it hard. Rather than taking out minerals from the water, it crystallizes them so that the water won’t leave behind the scale—causing damage to pipes, appliances, and leaving residue on skin, hair, and clothing.

The unique mechanism used by salt-free water softeners presents a list of benefits that make them preferable to traditional salt-based water softening systems.

Low Maintenance

Unlike salt-based water softeners that regularly require salts to be added to the brine tank, salt-free water softeners require minimal upkeep and take up less space.

Such water softeners are made up of only a single tank or cartridge as opposed to the three tanks in conventional water softeners.

Energy Efficient

Because salt-free water softeners do not require a back flush to get rid of trapped mineral ions and they don’t need to recharge resin beads to prepare them for another cycle of ion exchange, salt-free water softeners require less energy to operate.

Environmentally Friendly

Another benefit to salt-free water softeners is no water wastage. Salt-based water softeners waste gallons of water every cycle in order to flush out the accumulated mineral ions trapped in the resin beads. But because salt-free water softeners don’t require this backflush, no water is lost.

Safe For Pipes

The main purpose of salt-free water softening systems is to condition hard water so that its minerals won’t calcify and leave behind scale on pipes and fittings. This can prevent clogging and reduce the need for plumbing repairs.


A salt-free water softening system only involves one stage to condition water, the TAC process. This saves a lot of energy, time, and definitely, money—compared to the multi-step process required of typical salt-based water softening systems.

Not only will homeowners save on energy fees, but they also get to save on water waste, salt, and maintenance when they opt for a salt-free water softener as opposed to a salt-based one.

Get a Salt-Free Water Softening System

Get rid of scaling on your pipes and appliances, and say goodbye to soap scum on your hair, skin, clothes, and glassware when you get a salt-free water treatment system!

At Puragain Water, we’ve been providing customized solutions to Santa Clarita homeowners’ water problems for over 30 years.

Through our high-quality water treatment systems, we ensure that our customers get only the cleanest and healthiest water, so they can have optimal health while also protecting their homes.

If you’d like to transform your water quality, speak to one of our water treatment experts today to learn more about a salt-free water softener system. To learn more, contact us at Puragain Water today!

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