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How Do Alkaline Water Filtration Systems Work?

Whole House Water Filtration System

In order to understand why we first have to understand what alkaline water is.

What is Alkaline Water and Why is it beneficial for your health?

Alkaline water has 7.5pH to 8.5pH, which is considered high. One thing that many people may not know is that it is just like most forms of spring water but contains a slightly higher pH level—due to natural materials that can be found in and around the water that improve the water quality.

Why is Alkaline Water Good for Me?

Studies and recent health claims have shown that alkaline water is beneficial for your health because it helps to balance acid within the human body.

Another plus to alkaline water is that its alkaline minerals naturally enhance your water through the use of electrolytes that raises energy levels, lower the risk of muscle cramps, assist with acid reflux, and fuel the body’s cells—mitigating health risks.

Importance of Alkaline Water Filtration Systems

Alkaline water filter systems are responsible for providing your water with alkaline minerals and balancing the overall pH level for human consumption.

Not only that, but it also assists in getting rid of any harmful contaminants within the water such as chemicals, dust, various metals, and many other dangerous pollutants to provide you with overall healthier and cleaner water.

Comparing Alkaline Water Filtration Systems to Other Filtration Methods

There are many different water filtration systems that serve different purposes and function differently. Let’s explore each and see how they assist in filtering water.

Comparison with Traditional Water Filtration Systems

Traditional water filtration systems utilize the process of flocculation and coagulation. This is the most common form of water purification and involves the use of a chemical process to purify suspended water.

Alkaline water machines use fewer chemicals and provide a higher pH level than these systems.

Comparison with Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems

Reverse osmosis filtration systems are a type of water filter that utilizes osmotic pressure to purify the water. Through the use of systems that purify the water such as pre-carbon filters and various other filters along the way, the water comes out purified at the end of the process.

Just like in an alkaline system, osmosis water uses fewer chemicals to improve the quality of water and the overall pH level is lower than the clean water produced by an alkaline water system.

Is an Alkaline Water Filtration System Right for You?

Many owners of an alkaline water filtration system have stated that the water produced has a fantastic taste that is free from any chemicals. The added benefits to your health also mean that you can stay hydrated and healthier from a simple purification process.

An alkaline water filter system is right for any home and if you suffer from a condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes, acid reflux, or high cholesterol, this system will greatly assist you.

Installing the Right Alkaline Water Filtration System For Your Home

Puragain water has assisted hundreds of homes to switch to better-tasting and healthier water. With a fantastic track record in quality of service and care, your water filtration system will be installed delicately and professionally.

If you would like to switch to an alkaline water system, or are thinking about it, get in touch with our team at 855-40-WATER at Puragain Water today!