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Just because water is clear and odorless doesn’t mean it’s free from contamination. Even after water has gone through water treatment plants before flowing out of your faucet, it still likely contains substances that may harm your health. This is why it is absolutely imperative to have good home water filtration for your Santa Clarita residence.

Your water may also have high levels of minerals which can lead to scaling and buildup, which is not only harmful to your plumbing and appliances, but is also irritating to the skin and hair.

Whatever your water source, it’s important to make sure that your drinking water and the water you use at home to cook with, bathe with, and clean with is clean.

home water filtration

Healthier Drinking Water

Some contaminants like chlorine and chloramines can’t easily be detected from just looking at the water. Your water can be clear yet have high levels of chlorine and chloramines. This is highly likely if your water comes from a municipal water treatment system and has a distinct odor.

Though consuming low levels of these contaminants is unlikely to cause long-term health problems for most people—chlorine and chloramine consumption through drinking tap water can cause headaches, inflammation of the eyes, and dizziness.

Moreover, chlorine and chloramine may cause complications to people with health conditions such as asthma, food allergies, congenital abnormalities, and bladder and rectal cancer.

Because chlorine and chloramine are such small substances, they elude most water filtration systems and will require a reverse osmosis system to remove or reduce chlorine and chloramine in drinking water.

Better Tasting Water

Even if you’re healthy and chlorine and chloramines will not harm your health, they leave a foul taste and odor in your water, which may discourage some people from drinking more water. Not to mention, it affects the taste and smell of cooking.

Installing a water purification system at home ensures your water tastes great, so you are encouraged to drink more and hydrate your body, which is good for your health.

More Sustainable

It takes over 1000 years for plastic water bottles to biodegrade, and around 2 million water bottles are not recycled and end up in landfills in the United States alone.

Having a home water filtration system that provides you with great-tasting and healthy drinking water, eliminates the need to constantly purchase bottled water. This reduces the amount of waste you produce, which is more sustainable to the environment and cost-efficient to your pockets too.

Gentler Bathing Water

We bathe to clean our bodies and keep ourselves healthy. But what if your bathing water is the cause of your itchy skin and dry hair?

Though these may seem like minor irritations for most people, for individuals with disorders like eczema or psoriasis, or for anyone suffering from dandruff or hair fall, harsh bathing water which contains higher traces of minerals can exacerbate these conditions. Younger children with sensitive skin and hair are also more likely to be irritated.

To make bathing water gentler for everyone, one can use a water softener system, which removes or reduces the number of minerals in the water.

When you have soft water to bathe with, you can rest assured that your skin and hair will not be stripped of moisture. Moreover, soap lathers better with soft water, so you can clean your body more thoroughly!

Water Safe for Home Use

Appliances like water heaters, kettles, and coffee makers use water to function. But not all water is the same. Unfortunately, water contaminated with high levels of minerals causes scaling and leads to a buildup of deposits which will not only stain these appliances but cause them to break down over time.

Not to mention, high traces of minerals in water can cause unsightly stains in your home—tiles and glass are especially susceptible to discoloration, and over time, a home can look old and dingy very quickly.

To help prolong the life of appliances and keep your home clean and free from stains, one can get a water softener system at home, which will ensure you have gentler water that is safe to use all around.

Safer for Plumbing

Having high levels of minerals in your water is not only harmful to your home but also leads to frequent plumbing repairs. The build-up of mineral deposits causes clogs in plumbing which will not only hinder the use of water at home—but also cost you money to get the clog cleared or possibly replace your pipes.

If you notice discoloration in your pipes, faucets, or sinks, you likely have hard water. Getting a home water filtration system with a water softening function can ensure you have gentler water in your pipes and all around the home.

This lessens the need for plumbing repairs, while also ensuring your home’s water supply is clean and safe for consumption and home use.

Improve Your Home Water Supply

We don’t only need clean water to drink, we also need clean water for washing, bathing, and use all around the home.

At Puragain Water, we equip Santa Clarita homeowners with the highest-quality filtration systems available so they can enjoy the best tasting, clear, and healthy water that will help keep their homes clean—and themselves, hydrated and healthy.

Whether you’re looking for a whole house water filtration system, a reverse osmosis drinking water filtration system, or a water softener system—our customized solutions, and exceptional service will help ensure that you get the best home water filtration. Santa Clarita, CA homeowners need not look any further.

Get a free estimate, contact us at Puragain Water today!

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