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Get Healthy, Delicious Water With Home Water Filtration Las Vegas

Home Water Filtration Las Vegas

Las Vegas, with its reputation for fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife, is also known as a major resort city. The city that never sleeps is always up to something, and the last thing you want is for stomach cramps or diarrhea to slow you down as you enjoy what the city has to offer. Stay safe and healthy, so you can have the full Vegas experience with only the best home water filtration in Las Vegas.

How Does The Alkaline Water Filtration Process Work?

What is a Water Filtration System?

A water filtration system refers to any mechanism that filters out debris, substances, and pollutants from the water. It can be very basic or highly sophisticated—while some merely remove sediments and particles, others purify the water, removing bacteria, chlorine, and other unseen substances that contaminate water.

Depending on the type of water available and what the water will be used for, there are several water filtration systems in the market, some of which are reverse osmosis water filters, alkaline water filters, and whole house filtration systems.

Why Do You Need Water Filtration Systems?

The water we see in our kitchen sink and shower may look clean because they underwent some treatment, however, this doesn’t guarantee their quality. More often than not, the water we get in our tap contains contaminants like chlorine, pesticides, metals, and various toxins.

When you install a water filtration system, you are cleaning the water at home, so you can have filtered water to drink, and clean, soft water to bathe with and use around the house.

A reverse osmosis water filter provides water with the least contaminants, making it the ideal water for people who have sickness or sensitivities.

Reverse osmosis involves 5 stages—sediment pre-filter, carbon pre-filter, second carbon pre-filter, reverse osmosis membrane, and post-carbon filter.

The sediment pre-filter removes dirt, sediment, and fine particles from the water, leaving it clear. Then, the water undergoes two layers of carbon pre-filters where the activated carbon removes undesirable taste and smell from the water.

Once water is clear, tasteless, and odorless, it goes through the reverse osmosis membrane, which takes out substances like metals and chemicals. Then, last but not least, the water undergoes the post-carbon filter for final polishing, this makes sure any traces of smell or taste are completely gone from the water before it reaches you.

After going through five stages of filtration, water is as clean as can be. However, not everyone benefits from water that is completely stripped of minerals and nutrients.

Hence, six-stage alkaline systems reintroduce low levels of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, raising the pH level and alkalizing the water. This results in alkaline drinking water, which can help reduce acid reflux and fight oxidation.

Minerals in water may have health benefits, but when exposed to high temperatures, they crystallize and leave scale buildup on your pipes, tiles, and appliances. Scale buildup is not only unsightly, but it can interfere with the function of your appliances, and wear them down prematurely.

As a solution to this problem, whole house filters are attached directly to a home’s water source, so they filter all water that goes into the home through carbon blocks which remove up to 99% of contaminants from water.

Then, the water goes through a Filterzorb media, during which, it undergoes a nucleation-assisted crystallization process. At this point, calcium and magnesium are converted into stable nanocrystals that do not adhere to metals and don’t leave behind scaling.

Work with a Company that Provides Stellar Service

Transform your water quality and improve your health with a Puragain Water filtration system.

At Puragain Water, clean water is the gift that keeps on giving. Enjoy free professional installation, with lifetime servicing from a five-star company that is guaranteed to give you the best water supply.

To learn more about which water filtration system is best for you, contact us at 760-317-9741 at Puragain Water today!

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