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Hidden Dangers of drinking tap water

San Diego Water SoftenersUnfortunately the concerns with drinking tap water are not a recent development. Many factors contribute to the toxicity in our tap water, such as Industrial dumping, pesticides, permeable storage tanks, and government requirements that create these problems. These toxic chemicals have been directly linked to creating certain types of cancers, heart attacks, skin rashes, deafness and voluminous negative side effects. Let’s take a closer look into the most notable hidden dangers of drinking tap water.

Fluoridation. Fluoride and the process of adding it to our tap water is so toxic that most countries worldwide have banned this practice. America, on the other hand allows fluoridation since 1940. We now know that the negative effects of fluoride outweigh any potential positive effects. The fluoride used in the water filtration systems is not the same as the pharmaceutical grade fluoride in toothpaste, it is the discarded industrial waste fluoride that is added to our tap water and thus causes so many disturbances.

  • Evidence suggests that fluoride from our tap water is directly linked to osteosarcoma (bone cancer), lower IQ in children, higher Infertility rates, higher premature births, higher percentage of underweight births, Arthritis, Heart disease, brittle bone disease, it aids the growth of tumors, increases the risk of bone fractures, suppress thyroid and lowers your body’s immunity to fight off viruses.

Chlorine. The same chlorine that is used to kill bacteria and viruses in swimming pools and toilet bowls is the same toxic chlorine found in our tap water.

  • Consuming chlorine, even in the small “acceptable doses” are again directly linked to illness such as birth defects and urinary bladder, rectum and breast cancers. Recent findings also suggest that it may even be the leading cause for bladder cancer in men.
  • Simple exposure to chlorine from tap water can cause immediate respiratory problems and organ cell death.

Lead. Another toxic chemical that has profound harmful qualities and is found more often than known in the public water systems. Lead is toxic to every organ in our body, and affects the young the most.

  • Children are at the highest risk when drinking tap water contaminated with lead. Unlike Chlorine, lead cannot be detected with smell or vision.
  • Studies that verified lead in drinking tap water have shown a significant defect in children that range from stunted growth, learning disabilities to brain damage and deafness.
  • Lead found in drinking tap water is also linked to autism, prostate cancer and reproductive illnesses for all sexes. It has been known to affect our neuromuscular systems, thus we might present shy symptoms such as prolong fatigue at first while irreversible brain damage can co-occur. Oh and let’s not forget the rapid kidney damage!

Arsenic. This toxic chemical will not only make you age fast but is linked to physical deformities, organ failures and a vast range of skin problems (ache and sun spot marks are the least of your worries).

Take care of your body better by filtering the water you consume!

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