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Have you ever considered the potential hydrogen (pH) level of your water? It’s fine if you haven’t. However, you should be aware that the majority of the water we get from natural sources is acidic, which is bad for our bodies. This is where the alkaline water systems Los  Angeles filtration service offer comes into play.

Puragain Water is a Los Angeles area business that specializes in supplying high-quality water filtration systems.

Our specialists are here to help give you great-tasting water in your home if you’re interested in learning more about the top alkaline water systems Los Angeles has to offer.

What Is Alkaline Water and Why Do I Need It?

Alkaline water is ionized water, which means the pH level of the water has been raised. On a scale of 0 to 14, the pH level of a substance indicates how acidic or alkaline it is.

A score of one indicates that the chemical is highly acidic, whereas a number of 13 means that it is highly alkaline.

Alkaline water has a pH of around eight or 9, whereas typical tap water has a pH of seven, which is neutral.

Because of its alkaline nature, alkaline water is thought to aid patients with excess acidity by neutralizing the acid in the body—this process of neutralizing acids in the body aids in the prevention of a variety of illnesses.

Natural and Alkaline Water: What’s the Difference?

It’s important to remember that drinking water might be naturally alkaline or artificially alkaline. It is produced by reverse osmosis that naturally delivers the alkaline minerals that the body requires to combat acidity.

Alkaline water, such as that produced by a traditional alkaline water ionizer machine, has an artificially raised pH and contains no more alkaline minerals than the drinking water that supplies the machine.

Metabolic acidosis, which occurs when the body’s fluids contain too much acid, may also benefit from alkaline water.

The acidic condition can be caused by uncontrolled type 1 diabetes, severe diarrhea, high-intensity exercise, liver failure, some medicines, alcohol, cancer, heart failure, anemia, kidney sickness, seizures, and acute dehydration.

Balanced water consumption can aid in the maintenance of a healthy pH balance in the body. The body naturally attempts to maintain an acid-alkaline balance in the bloodstream, but modern diets can be heavy in acidic processed foods.

Acidity levels that are too high might make it difficult for your body to maintain its natural balance, putting strain on your joints, bones, muscles, and cells.

Alkaline water contains a high concentration of potent antioxidants that are easily absorbed by our cells.

By drinking alkaline water, you are essentially fuelling your body with antioxidants that are poised and ready to neutralize many of the body’s poisons.

Another advantage of utilizing an alkaline filter on a regular basis is that it aids weight loss. Junk foods have become a part of our diet—nevertheless, bad junk food causes your body to become more acidic.

Your body produces additional fat cells to balance the acidity, leading to weight gain. Drinking bottled alkaline water on a daily basis can help you lose weight by neutralizing acidity in your body.

Alkaline water, according to studies, hydrates better than ordinary water. Alkaline bottled water hydrates and rehydrates you more quickly and effectively than plain water.

Because many people suffer from chronic dehydration, drinking alkaline water can help them manage their symptoms and stay healthy.

You will have a more robust immune system if you keep your body’s alkaline level on a regular basis. Drinking mineralized alkaline water balances pH levels and aids in the battle against free radicals, both of which are critical for overall health and immune system performance.

Our bodies are more prone to inflammation when we drink acidic water and don’t eat an alkaline diet, which can lead to chronic diseases.

Furthermore, because it is the best supplier of hydrogen, alkaline water strengthens the immune system. It is essential because it helps us feel energized, active, and alert, in addition to its antioxidant capabilities and capacity to protect our bodies from free radicals.

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Discover How Puragain Water Can Help You

To sustain homeostasis, the human body relies on a complex and delicate system. The neurological system, circulatory system, and metabolic rate are all regulated by the organs, which each have their unique pH values.

Drinking water that has been filtered using a carbon filter to remove dangerous toxins such as chlorine, chloramines, lead, mercury, pesticides, herbicides, and other volatile organic compounds is an essential element of your overall health.

Puragain Water has almost 30 years of experience in water delivery services in Los Angeles. We know what it takes to install a cutting-edge drinking water system that allows us to supply you with the purest, best-tasting tap water available.

Thanks to free annual distilled water testing in Los Angeles, you may feel confident that your water filtration system will always perform properly. Furthermore, because you have unlimited service calls, we’ll send someone out right away at no cost to you if you ever have a problem with your system.

If you’re eager to improve your filtered water quality and enjoy fresh, purified water straight from a quality whole house system, and you’d like to get additional information from an alkaline water systems specialist in Los Angeles or Southern California, contact us at Puragain Water today.

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