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Water with a dirt-like or sulfuric odor that doesn’t lather soap very well is a telltale sign of hard water. Water hardness is determined by the number of minerals in the water. Hard water can harm your skin and hair and damage your home and appliances over time. Services providing water softener, Santa Clarita homeowners can trust is the best solution.

If there are 121 mg/L to 180 mg/L of minerals present, then water is considered hard. It also has a distinct smell, can irritate hair and skin, and causes mineral buildup which can discolor and damage pipes and appliances.

A great solution to a hard water problem at home is to get a water softener, which can make your water safe to use. Learn more about water softeners and how they can give you the best water softening system in Santa Clarita.

Water Softener

How Does a Water Softening System Work?

One of the properties of minerals is they easily bond to metals. This means that hard water with higher levels of minerals can cause mineral buildup in pipes and appliances. Though they will initially form unsightly crusty residues, they can cause clogs and break down your pipes and appliances over time.

Not only will this lead to more frequent plumbing repairs, but this is also especially problematic for appliances such as water heaters and boilers because minerals solidify even more quickly in high temperatures.

A water softening system is a device that is connected to a home’s water supply system in order to lower the levels of minerals in the water. This is made possible through ion exchange, where mineral ions, often calcium and magnesium, are exchanged for something else, usually sodium.

Though a water softening system itself only softens water and doesn’t clean water and make it free of other contaminants, a typical water softening system available in the market comes with water filtration systems to provide homes with soft water that is also safe and healthy to drink.

Such water softener systems usually involve several filtration stages which aim to clean the water and soften the water before flowing out of your faucets.

Sediment Filter

The first stage of any good water filtration system is a sediment filter or pre-filter which aims to remove all particles and sediments from the water. This filter is typically replaced every two to three months for optimal filtration.

Activated Charcoal

Once particles are filtered out of the water, the water goes through two activated charcoal layers which remove contaminants like chlorine and chloramines.

Activated charcoal is used to filter water because they attract chemicals and trap them, effectively taking them out of the water.

The first layer of activated charcoal makes water colorless and odorless, while the second layer removes any traces of smell and color that the first layer failed to remove.

Resin Beads

Typical water softening systems come with a media tank full of negatively charged resin or potassium chloride pellets.

Once water is clean, it goes into the media tank, where it comes into contact with resin or polystyrene beads. Because minerals are positively charged, the beads attract the mineral ions and trap them, effectively removing them from the water and producing soft water.

Back Flush

After about a week, the media tank will be full of mineral ions, and a backflush stage is initiated. During this process, the water in the media tank is flushed down the drain along with all the minerals.

Afterward, the brine tank loads the media tank with saltwater to recharge the beads and prepare them for another cycle of ion exchange.

Benefits of Water Softeners

Water softeners remove or reduce minerals from water. In doing so, they can drastically improve water quality. which can provide a slew of benefits!

Protects Your Plumbing and Appliances

Hard water leaves a mineral buildup on your pipes and appliances over time. This can cause clogging which will require frequent plumbing repairs and slowly reduce the efficacy of appliances.

A water softener prevents mineral buildup, which prolongs the lifespan of your pipes and appliances.

Clean More Efficiently

Hard water doesn’t react well with soap. When you bathe or do laundry and dishes, you would need more soap than necessary to produce a lather. Even worse, the soap won’t wash away thoroughly, leaving behind soap scum on clothing. 

Because hard water cannot clean well, having a water softener makes cleaning and washing a much easier and more effective process.

Avoid Unsightly Stains

Minerals in hard water leave behind mineral deposits that cling onto surfaces. These look like crusty buildup, which discolors ceramic, glass, and metals.

Water softeners help avoid unsightly staining, so you can always have a clean-looking home.

Healthy Skin and Hair

Hard water can dry skin out and cause build-up on the scalp. Such can exacerbate skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis—and can cause dandruff, hair fall, and rashes. A water softening system ensures that your bathing water is soft, and gentle on your hair and skin.

Save Money

No matter your water usage, a water softener can save you money. It prolongs the lifespan of appliances and pipes, cleanses more thoroughly, and it helps homeowners avoid plumbing repairs. It also lessens the need to buy cleaning agents or replace appliances and clothes.

Get a Water Softening System in Santa Clarita

Avoid dry skin and protect your pipes and appliances by switching from hard water to soft water.

Get your hands on the best water softener Santa Clarita has to offer with Puragain Water’s water filtration and water softeners.

For almost 30 years, we’ve been serving Santa Clarita homeowners customized solutions to various water problems, so they can have the highest quality water. Whether you need a salt-based water softener, salt-free water softener, or other water treatment systems, Puragain has the water filtration system for you.

Speak to any of our water experts to learn more about how we can improve your water quality today. Contact us at Puragain Water today!

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