Water Softener Long Beach

Does your water taste metallic, and sometimes even smell like rotten eggs? You likely have hard water and you’ll need a water softener Long Beach filtration services has to offer.

When water has 121 to 180 mg/L of minerals, it is considered hard water. Hard water isn’t the best tasting water, and more importantly, it can destroy pipes, clothes, appliances, and home fixtures.

Because of the high levels of minerals present in hard water, it can cause scale buildup and discoloration in pipes, tiles, clothes, and so on. It also doesn’t lather well and is not suggested for bathing or cleaning.

Convert your hard water to soft water by getting a water softener in Long Beach. Puragain Water provides drinking water systems that will improve your water quality.

Learn more about water softeners and how Puragain Water can help you avoid the negative effects of hard water.

Water Softener Long Beach

How Do Water Softening Systems Work?

Minerals easily bond with metals, hence they leave a crusty residue on surfaces over time. When water has high levels of minerals, the mineral deposits can damage plumbing, clothes, and appliances.

Water softening systems aim to lower the number of minerals present in water to make it safer for home use and to save on replacements and repairs. Water softeners are devices that are installed directly to a home’s water supply system. Through ion exchange, the water softener will exchange the minerals with something else, usually sodium.

Water softeners have a mineral tank with a bed of resin beads where hard water flows into. The resin beads are negatively charged with sodium ions. Meanwhile, the hard water is positively charged. As positive and negative charges attract, the magnesium and calcium in the hard water cling onto the resin beads and in exchange, the beads will release sodium.

Once the ion exchange process is done, the water that flows out of the mineral tank is soft water or water that contains minerals of no more than 60 mg/L. The calcium and magnesium captured by the resin beads are flushed away with wastewater.

Benefits of Having Water Softener Systems

When it comes to home water use, soft water is the way to go. If you’ve identified that you have hard water at home, installing a water softening system that can lower your water hardness will give you a slew of benefits.

Protects Your Plumbing and Appliances

One of the biggest downsides to having hard water is the scale buildup it leaves on your pipes, water heater, and appliances over time. Because of the chemical makeup of minerals, they bind easily to metals.

More importantly, minerals harden even more quickly when heat is present. If you use water heaters or appliances that use water, then hard water will produce build-up rapidly.

With a water softening system installed, you can significantly reduce the number of minerals in your water, which means prolonging the lifespan of your pipes and appliances.

Clean More Efficiently

Another reason hard water gets a bad rep is that they don’t lather very well. If you’re using hard water to clean your house, bathe, do laundry and dishes, this means that you will be using a lot more soap than necessary.

For this reason, cleaning with hard water is not advisable. Having a water softener reduces hardness in your water, this means you will have an easier time producing a lather and cleaning anything in your home.

Prolong Life of Appliances

We use water in many household appliances like coffee makers, rice cookers, kettles, and so on. These appliances produce heat to function properly. However, this causes minerals to solidify, and using hard water on appliances will result in a build-up that will clog and destroy your appliances.

Water softener systems will provide soft water that is safe to use with household appliances so you won’t have to worry about heating water.

Avoid Unsightly Stains

The minerals in hard water will create mineral deposits that cling onto surfaces. This produces stains or discoloration on ceramic, glass, and can easily make one’s bathroom and kitchen look dingy and old.

Water softeners will help you avoid unsightly stains on your tiles, tubs, sinks, and kitchenware, so you can always have a clean-looking home.

Save Money

Though you will have to spend more upfront to acquire a water softener system, it will help you save a lot of money in the long run.

Because water softeners help you avoid scale buildup from hard water which can destroy your home over time, you will save money in plumbing repair, cleaning agents, new clothing, appliances, and house fixtures.

Not to mention, a water softener from a great company that offers installation services as well as repair services will help you eliminate headaches and minimize repair costs.

Choose the Best Water Filtration System

Say goodbye to scale buildup and all the damages it can bring with a water softener installed to your Long Beach home!

For over 30 years, Puragain Water has provided water treatment systems and water softeners to homeowners throughout Southern California and Orange County.

Whether you’re looking for a salt-based or salt-free water softener, for a kitchen sink, or for your entire home, Puragain Water will provide you with the best water treatment system that is guaranteed to always work correctly thanks to our excellent service team!

Speak with a water softener professional today to get free estimates or learn more about how our company can give you the best water softener Long Beach has to offer. Contact us at Puragain Water today!

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