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Stop Hard Water Spots And Scaling With Water Softener Las Vegas

Water Softener Las Vegas

When you have clean and healthy drinking water, the last thing you want is to compromise the pipes and water heaters in your home. Protect your health while protecting your home with the best water softener in Las Vegas.

Hard water contains high levels of minerals, which can wreak havoc in your precious Las Vegas home with the scale buildup they leave behind. To prevent this, go to Puragain Water and learn more!

What is a Water Softener?

A water softener is a water treatment system that removes minerals in water to reduce water hardness. The water softener is typically installed onto a faucet or home water source, where it can filter and soften the water at the same time.

There are two ways that water softeners reduce water hardness. The traditional water softening method uses salts to initiate ion exchange. The salt exchanges the calcium and magnesium ions in water for sodium ions—resulting in soft water.

A newer method is used as an alternative for those who do not wish to remove minerals from the water but want to prevent scaling, utilizing a Filtersorb media to initiate a nucleation-assisted crystallization (NAC) process.

The Filtersorb media has beads that transform minerals into insoluble crystals that do not attach to metals. The result is water with healthy minerals that do not result in scale buildup.

Salt Free Water Softener System

Water Softener and Hard Water: What You Need to Know?

The method used by a water softener to reduce water hardness varies greatly in the outcome and process. Hence, it’s important to understand these mechanisms to choose which one suits you best.

Traditional water softeners that use salts to initiate ion-exchange trap the minerals and remove them from the water altogether. However, this does so by flushing out some water, resulting in quite a lot of water waste.

Meanwhile, non-salt water softeners are water conditioners that rely on Filtersorb SP3 media, beads that transform the properties of minerals in water upon contact. This method of water softening only changes the properties of the minerals, so they don’t cling onto metal and result in scale.

The said method does not remove the minerals from the water, hence, it doesn’t produce water waste.

Benefits of Water Softener from Puragain Water

Minerals aren’t harmful to the body. In fact, minerals like calcium and magnesium in drinking water can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and other health conditions.

However, minerals are naturally attracted to metal, especially when exposed to higher temperatures. This results in scale buildup in pipes and water heating appliances, which can lead to clogging of pipes and premature breakdown of appliances.

Puragain Water’s filtration systems are non-salt water softeners that retain minerals in the water while preventing scale buildup. This is a great solution for those looking for the healthiest drinking water without compromising their pipes and water appliances.

What to Expect from Puragain Water’s Services?

Puragain Water offers free professional installation services and unlimited service calls, so customers will have as easy a time as possible when using their new water filtration system.

Moreover, Puragain Water offers lifetime servicing, which includes annual maintenance and annual water testing services to help with the upkeep of the water system.

As a company with over 30 years in the industry, we are a dependable service provider with excellent products and even better customer service.

Partner with a Reputable Water Softener Service

Do you find white scum on your sink, faucets, and showers? White scum is a scale buildup left behind by hard water.

Though high levels of minerals make water hard, they can do wonders in drinking water. Our highly experienced team at Puragain Water knows this and has come up with a solution so your Las Vegas home’s water can be free from the problems that come with high mineral content in water.

We can help transform your water quality, as well as your lifestyle. To learn more about how our water softeners, free professional installation, and lifetime servicing, contact our team at 760-317-9741 at Puragain Water today!

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