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Water Hardness San Diego | How To Remove Hard Water From Your Home

Tired of hard water in your home?

When your water has a high concentration of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron this can cause your water to become hard. Water hardness can reek havoc on you and your home by creating scale buildup in your pipes, fixtures, and appliances as well as leaving your skin and hair dry and itchy.

San Diego is know for having extremely hard water which is why if you live in San Diego you may want to look into purchasing a water softener for your home.

Hard Water In San Diego

According to the city of San Diego, the water hardness levels in this city are some of the worst in the country. Typically if your water has less than 17.1 parts per million of magnesium and calcium then this would be considered soft water. San Diego’s water typically has 230-330ppm which puts it’s in the highest bracket for water hardness for public water supply.

Although water hardness is not necessarily bad for you, in fact since it is high in minerals, it may in fact have some benefits. However most people prefer to have soft water in their home because it has a more pleasant texture and it will prevent scale from building up in your home.

How to remove water hardness from your home

Salt Water Softening System

One way to soften your water is by installing a salt water softener in your home. These types of systems will replace the hardness minerals such as calcium and magnesium and replace them with sodium ions. The result is a softer water. However with this type of system there there are some drawbacks which include wasting a lot of water due to back flushing. These systems also require a lot of maintenance and salt must be manually added to the system on a regular basis.

Salt-Free Water Conditioning

An alternative to salt based water softeners is a newer technology called Nucleation Assisted Crystallization. This type of system uses nano particles in order to neutralize the hardness mineral ions instead of removing them. The benefit of installing a system like this is that it requires no maintenance, wastes no water, and leaves the minerals in the water which are beneficial. Additionally These NAC systems require no electricity and require no tank therefore it will take up much less space in your home. 

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