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Benefit From Conditioned Water With Salt Free Water Softener System Las Vegas

Salt-Free Water Softener System Las Vegas

After decking your Las Vegas home with water heaters, coffee makers, and water tanks, the last thing you want is hard water wreaking havoc on your pipes and wearing down your appliances.

Hard water leaves behind white scum that can clog up your pipes or prematurely wear down your water heating appliances. Not to mention, they don’t lather well with soap and detergent, and leave behind residue on clothes, plates, and your hair and skin!

To protect themselves from the disaster brought about by hard water, Las Vegas homeowners invest in our water softeners, the best salt-free water softener system in Las Vegas, so they can enjoy mineral drinking water without all the fuss of hard water!

Salt-Free Water Softener System Santa Clarita

What is a Salt-Free Water Softener System?

A salt-free water softener system is a type of water filtration system which transforms the physical properties of hard water to prevent scaling on pipes and water heating appliances.

While traditional water softeners rely on salts to initiate an ion exchange process to remove mineral ions from the water, salt-free water softeners use Filtersorb SP3 Media to transform calcium and magnesium ions that turn hard water into non-soluble crystals that do not cling to metals.

When hard water comes into contact with the beads in the Filtersorb media, they undergo nucleation assisted crystallization (NAC), after which, the minerals are left in the water, but the water is no longer leaving scale behind.

Salt-Free Water Softener Vs. Water Softener

When comparing salt-free water softeners with traditional water softeners, one should look at the different ways they soften water.

Traditional water softeners use salts to physically remove mineral ions from hard water via ion exchange. The result is water without the mineral ions or softened water, but with water waste used to flush away the minerals collected.

Meanwhile, salt-free water softeners are scale prevention mechanisms rather than actual water softeners. Through the use of specialized media, they convert mineral ions into microcrystals to prevent scale buildup. After the treatment, the minerals remain in the water, retaining other properties of hard water.

When choosing between these two types of water softeners, consider the following. Traditional water softeners are the most effective at actually taking minerals out of the water, effectively converting hard water to soft water. They also use salts, which are readily available and relatively affordable. However, this form of water softening results in approximately 25 gallons of water wasted per recharge.

Meanwhile, salt-free water softeners do not take minerals out of water. It’s effective at preventing scale while maintaining minerals in the water, which can be preferable, as minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium in drinking water can help improve immunity and reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Do You Need a Salt-Free Water Softener System?

If you have hard water in your location, it’s highly recommended that you get a water softening system.

But whether or not you should opt for a salt-free version depends on whether you want minerals in your drinking water, and you want to reduce water waste. A salt-free water softener does not have water waste, which is good for the environment.

Additionally, it still leaves you with minerals in your water, which has health benefits for normal people but can be problematic for people with cancer or sensitivities.

Benefits of having a Salt-Free Water Softener System in Your Home

  • No white scum
  • Protect pipes
  • Protect water heating appliances
  • Reduce use of soap and detergent
  • Prevent skin irritation and hair all

Let’s Talk About Salt-Free Water Softener System

If you’re looking to prevent scale and the problems that come with hard water, check out Puragain Water!

With over 30 years of industry experience, our team of experts at Puragain Water can answer any questions you have and help you learn more about the best salt-free water softener systems Las Vegas has available.

Let us improve your water quality, contact us at Puragain Water today!

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