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How to Properly Install a Water Filter Under the Sink

10 Benefits Of Home Filtered Water

With many homes switching to clean and purified water, having an under-sink water filter is a fantastic addition to any home. In this home water filtration guide, we will be looking at the best way to go about the installation process of your new water filter and what benefits it can provide to your home.

Introduction: The Importance of Installing a Water Filter

A water filter system is a form of water treatment used to remove any impurities and harmful chemicals from the water to provide soft and clean water.

Through many different processes, filter stages, and systems, a filter is able to filter out harmful toxins such as rust, dust, copper, and other chemicals which in turn provides you with greatly purified water on demand.

Homes use these under-sink water filter systems in faucets to provide suitable drinking water equivalent to bottled water, that is free from any harsh consequences that may come with drinking unfiltered tap water.

Understand Your Water Filter System

It is always important to understand what water filter you will be installing in your home. Water systems come in many different shapes, sizes, and types of filters.

Getting the right water filter for your home is imperative to ensure a well-working and efficient filtration of your water quality.

Choose the Right Water Filter for Your Needs

To choose the right filter, you should first decide on what drinking water filter you need. Assessing your faucet and the facilities around your kitchen sink is a great way to determine the overall fit and installation of your new water filter.

Professional assistance from a trusted company is a great means to receive the information and tools necessary for the job.

Necessary Tools and Materials

For this project you will need:

  • Water filter system kit
  • Bucket
  • Wrench

The tools and materials required may also change based on what sink type you have.

Prepare for Installation

Before installing the water filter, it is essential to first switch off the water supply to the kitchen faucet by using your wrench on the shut-off valve.

This should be done on the cold water line which can generally be found on the right, underneath the sink. It is a good idea to place the bucket underneath the pipe to catch any excess water that may fall through.

Attempt to open the cold water tap to release any stored water and once that has been completed, close the tap once more.

Water Filter Installation

Using your water filter kit, attach the water filter and adapter to the pipe provided. The water filter and adapter should occupy either side of the pipe ends. If there is a second adapter, this is connected to the water shutoff valve.

Simply installing the pipe, and adapter first, into the socket is the final sink water filter step of the installation. Switch the cold water supply valve back on and allow the water to drain into the sink for around seven to ten minutes. This is done to completely activate the filter and allow it to be ready for use.

How Professional Water Filtration Services Can Help

Seeking professional assistance is always a great way to efficiently receive the outcome that you desire.

At Puragain Water we have expert knowledge and tools to assist you in your seamless transition toward clean and healthy water on demand.

With a simple installation of help from the right experts, our water filtration services can provide your friends and family with smoother and softer water that is perfectly fine for drinking purposes.

To receive the assistance that your home truly deserves and give you peace of mind, contact us at 855-40-WATER at Puragain Water today!