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Give the gift of crystal clear, great tasting purified water to your friends and family and earn up to $200* per referral!

Invite your friends to receive a free in-home consultation and you’ll get up to $200 for inviting them to enjoy Puragain water!

  • Invite friends to get a FREE in-home consultation with a Puragain Water specialist.
  • Your friends will receive an invitation to receive a FREE consultation and a complimentary water test.
  • You’ll receive $200 for any friends that sign up for a whole house system and $100 for any friends that sign up for a reverse osmosis system.

*By referring friends via email you agree to allow us to contact your friend by phone or email on your behalf giving them the opportunity to get a free in-home estimate with free water testing. Your friends‘ email address and phone number will only be used for this offer and will not be used for any other marketing solicitations or sold to third parties.

You will receive $100 for each referral that purchases any of our under the counter reverse osmosis systems and/or $200 for every referral that purchases any of our whole house filtration systems. Once your referral has purchased and had the system installed you will receive a check via mail for your referral. To participate in this referral program the referring party must be an existing Puragain Water customer.

Have questions? Call 760-317-9741 now for immediate assistance!